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If you are convicted of an offence with a mandatory loss of driver’s licence then demerit points apply. If the accrual of those points breaches the maximum you may lose your licence for a further period, which usually commences at the completion of the mandatory disqualification.

At Woods & Co Lawyers, our experience in dealing with demerit points and knowing that application will benefit you is a significant advantage. The law in this area is quite complex and we are widely regarded as leaders in our field. Again you can see that we may be able to assist you greatly in preserving your licence along the way or by preventing its cancellation.

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Can I keep my driver’s licence – appeals/demerit points?

Some offences such as drink driving and dangerous speeding carry a minimum loss of licence. That cannot usually be avoided unless you are found not guilty or there is evidence your offence was a first offence and was trifling. There are lots of other offences that carry a mandatory loss of licence. In fact, the court can disqualify you from holding or obtaining a licence for many Traffic offences. There are many ways we as Traffic Law specialists can help you in this regard.

Even if there is a mandatory loss of licence, most traffic offences carry with them demerit points. If the offence is trifling, or there is other proper cause (relating to the offence) then sometimes those points can be reduced. This can only be done presently in a court setting and requires an election to be prosecuted to be sent back in time. If you proceed in this manner, then there is a court record (as opposed to a traffic infringement record) and you are usually out of pocket. However, we are often successful in reducing demerit points that can assist you greatly.

If you accrue more than the applicable demerit points stipulated for your class of driver’s licence than an appeal may be available if you have not had one in the last 5 years and hold a probationary or provisional licence. If you are a full licence holder and elected for the bond, then you are subject to double the disqualification if the breaching offence is proven and if the demerit points cannot be reduced.