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Robbery is a serious offence and punishable by life imprisonment.  It can involve sophisticated planning and preparation such as may occur with a bank robbery, through to a spur of the moment incident where violence is used to steal another persons phone or shoes.

Robbery is the application of force which is used at the time of the theft, or immediately before or after, which facilitates the theft from the person.  An injury is not a necessary ingredient of the offence but aggravates it and increases the sentence.  If Harm is caused or the offence is aggravated by the use of a weapon, or the involvement of two or more persons acting in a joint enterprise then these factors also increase any sentence.

If you are charged with Robbery then please call our office to obtain accurate and timely advice about your matter.


Murder Defence Lawyers in Adelaide

There is no doubt if you are charged with Murder or Manslaughter the potential consequences are very serious indeed and legal representation of some kind is essential.

In our view, it is important that you seek the advice of a solicitor who has experience in these areas and has conducted cases of a similar kind in the past.

At Woods & Co Lawyers, we understand that there is a large amount of work to do in order to defend you. We have the advantage of having a number of solicitors who all specialise in this area. We have the ability and resources to quickly assign more than one solicitor to your case in order to ensure that your case is properly defended. You also have the benefit of having more than one person to attend to your needs.

We have been involved in many high-profile murder cases and have successfully defended people on this most serious charge in the past. The reason we have listed some of our recent cases below is to demonstrate that we have the experience, knowledge and resources to assist you.  Dont risk your future with and inexperienced lawyer call our team who listen, help and deliver.

Some of the more notable cases we have represented accused in include

  1.  The Kevin Mathews and Michelle Burgess murder – At West Lakes and case was notorious as it was alleged he took his children to the video store and then returned with them and allowed his them to find his wife murdered. R v Matthews & Burgess [2005] SASC 289. (29 July 2005).
  2. The murder of Vonne McGlynn in December 2008 who was 83 years old.  It was committed by Angelique Gavare who dismembered her and the vicitms head and arms were never recovered.  She received life imprisonment with 32 years non parole. R v Gavare [2011] SASC 142. (30 August 2011).
  3. The murder of 87 year old Anne Redmond  in 2013 who was at her house at Seacliff and two youths broke in and cut her throat 7 times leaving her to die.They received 20 year non parole periods for youths which was unsuccessfully appealed. R v B, TB; R v J-M, AM [2013] SASCFC 40 (24 May 2013).
  4. The case of Chris Mieglich who shot a person in the face over a minor road accident at Gumeracha and two weeks later shot his father to death. He was sentenced in 2014 to 26 years imprisonment


The offence of assault can vary widely in seriousness and outcome. An assault is actually an unlawful display of force that creates in the mind of the victim a fear that the force is about to be applied.  If that force is actually applied then technically a battery has occurred.  In practical terms the aspect of assault and battery are not often separated.

If a person causes harm from an assault then that is a factor that the courts take into account.  It does not necessarily have to be physical harm but can include psychological harm.

Assaults may be aggravated if the victim is greater than 60 years old or has a disability.  An aggravated assault is also charged if there are two or more offenders involved or if a weapon is used.

If serious harm results from the assault then an accused person can face significant gaol terms.  ‘Serious harm’ has a legal definition and at Woods & Co we have often been successful in having charges downgraded when that legal definition cannot be met.

Assaults (often by young drunken males) are very topical in recent times and there has been considerable attention by the courts and the media to highlight and discourage what has been termed the ‘cowards punch’.  We have acted for an accused who was charged and convicted of Manslaughter after a one punch incident in Rundle Street.  There has been a lot of focus on mandatory sentencing when a death results.  We have noticed that the penalties are on the increase for people charged with assault.  Not only is it young males in the early hours of the morning, but domestic violence assaults in the privacy of a persons home that are clearly under scrutiny.

If you are accused of an assault it is important to get timely advice about your options from a solicitor who specialises in that area and has both the experience and knowledge to properly deal with your matter.  Not only are the penalties on the increase but there are real risks of civil compensation claims for any injury sustained.

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AGSCT is an offence that used to be called House Break and Larceny.  The law was expanded to capture those who enter or remain in a place of residence with the intention to commit and offence to which the section applies.  Relevant offences include theft, property damage and assault.

We have acted for many people who have been going through a relationship breakdown and entered the premises of their former partner.  Often they have been angry, or trying to speak to the complainant about the breakdown.  Commonly, the situation deteriorates and an assault is alleged.  It might in itself be at the lower end of seriousness such as a push or holding a person to talk to them, but because it occurred in a place of residence an AGSCT is often charged, exposing the accused to the risk of significant imprisonment.

It is important to get the right advice from a solicitor who specialises in that area and has the experience and knowledge to help you.  Call our friendly team at Woods & Co on 8311 3111