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Criminal Law is a complex area of law.  In recent times politicians have changed the law regularly in order to appear to be tough on crime.  In reality, many of the rights that previously existed have been eroded.  Many sentencing options have been limited which can result in unfairness.  At Woods & Co we took the view that specialisation is the key.  Our lawyers are dynamic and experienced in all facets of Criminal Law.  We appear daily as counsel in all courts in Adelaide.  We work with you to achieve an outcome that recognises your aims and protects your rights.  Use our experience and call us to assist you to fight your case. 

First Steps

The first  step is to give our office a call. We can then help you to negotiate through the system and ensure a smooth transition from our dedicated team of criminal law experts.

Decades of Criminal Law Experience in Adelaide

At Woods & Co Lawyers, we focus all our legal expertise in two key areas, one of which is criminal law. With 20 years’ experience in the industry, we have successfully represented and defended people charged with murder, rape, robbery, fraud, drugs and sexual offences. We have also taken many matters to the Supreme Court on appeal to ensure that your case is being fought on every front. All of this has helped us to become the leaders in the field of criminal defence in Adelaide.

We’re dedicated to upholding and protecting the rights of our clients and believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So, no matter what the allegations may be, we will use all our experience to fight your case. To arrange a consultation with one of our legal experts today, call our friendly team on 08 8311 3111 .

At Woods & Co we like to keep our clients informed on trends in society, for example, spikes in break-ins or even to be careful around festivals with drink drivers and so on. If you would like to follow us on Facebook please do so.

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Criminal Lawyers Adelaide

Criminal Lawyers Adelaide