Drug Offence Lawyers In Adelaide

Drug Offence Lawyers Adelaide

In Adelaide, drug offences are as prevalent as they are in any major city. In South Australia, drug offences and the laws are constantly changing.

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Criminal Defence Lawyers in Adelaide

Criminal Lawyers Adelaide

Have you recently been a victim of a robbery or assault charge? Or perhaps you’re being charged for a sexual offence that you didn’t commit and need someone to fight your case?

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traffic lawyers in Adelaide

Traffic Lawyers Adelaide

Have you recently been involved in a drink driving incident? Or perhaps you’ve caused a severe accident through dangerous driving?

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Protect your legal rights

Procedure and your rights

On this page you will learn about your rights and procedures involved with various criminal offences. If you do not find exactly what your after please contact our team

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sexual abuse lawyers in Adelaide

Sexual Offence Lawyers In Adelaide

If you are charged with a sex offence you need advice from someone who is experienced in defending these charges and supporting you.

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assault lawyers in Adelaide

Defence for Assault Offences in Adelaide

There is no doubt if you are charged with Murder or Manslaughter the potential consequences are very serious indeed and legal representation of some kind is essential.

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woods and co lawyers conference room

Legal Help With Intervention Orders

The laws relating to intervention orders have changed in recent times. Orders originally had to be made by the Magistrates Court

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Dishonest Offence Lawyers in Adelaide

Dishonest Offence Lawyers

It is always difficult if you are charged with a dishonesty offence. At Woods & Co Lawyers, we are experienced in dealing with all sorts of dishonesty offences.

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drink driving lawyers in Adelaide

Drink Driving Lawyers

There are very few lawyers who specialise in drink driving related matters. South Australian Traffic laws are constantly changing

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drivers license appeals and demerit points

Drivers Licence Appeal

Some offences such as drink driving and dangerous speeding carry a minimum loss of licence. That cannot usually be avoided unless you are found not guilty

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caught driving and texting in Adelaide

General Traffic Appeals

Many people consider they have only committed a traffic offence. However, the law does not distinguish between traffic offences and criminal offences

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driving while disqualified in adelaide south australia

Driving While Disqualified

Driving while disqualified is a serious offence. The court takes the view that you have committed offence(s), which resulted in a penalty being ordered by the court or Transport SA

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speeding offences lawyers in Adelaide

Speeding Offences

There are many different ways of proving this type of offence. The least reliable is by way of an estimation, which is not much more than an educated guess

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causing death by dangerous driving in Adelaide South Australia

Causing Death By Dangerous Driving

Unfortunately, the sad reality of being on the road is that on occasions a life is lost. If you are the driver of a motor vehicle where another is seriously injured

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