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Causing Death by Dangerous Driving

Unfortunately, the sad reality of being on the road is that on occasions a life is lost. If you are the driver of a motor vehicle where another is seriously injured, or death results, you may face very serious charges. 

We at Woods & Co Lawyers have dealt with many high-profile causing death matters. We were solicitors in one matter that went before 5 Supreme Court Judges, where the Crown were asking for sentencing tariffs to be applied. Thankfully, the Full Court of the Supreme Court realised that the wide range of offending requires a flexible system. In two recent decisions, we were one of the first law firms to secure a sentence of home detention as opposed to actual imprisonment. 

We at Woods & Co Lawyers realise that many people are affected if a death results. Not only is the family of the deceased very traumatised, but also in our experience, the families of the offender are also equally innocent and suffer greatly. We will help you through these difficult times and ensure that your matter is properly investigated to ensure fairness. In order to defend a Causing Death by Dangerous Driving charge, we take the view that an experienced solicitor should be involved. The consequences are great and if found guilty actual terms of imprisonment are normally imposed. It is becoming less common to receive a suspended term of imprisonment. We are here to help you and your family and protect your rights.

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