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DTEI Class Action Update Jan 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Thank you for your patience and ongoing interest in respect of the Department for Transport disqualification matters.

In our last update and last correspondence to those affected by this matter, we notified you that the firm, Johnson Withers, was embarking on launching a Class Action against the decision of the Department for Transport. To assist them in covering legal fees, we asked our clients and others interested in this matter to contribute $500.00 (plus GST) towards the cost of the Supreme Court Action.

Unfortunately, the response has been quite poor. We have had only six or seven calls to our office and recent contact with Johnston Withers suggests that only fifteen people have placed funds into trust. Basically, this means that the class action will not be launched.

Until such time as Johnston Withers can generate sufficient funds to cover the cost of such an action, the situation for those affected by this matter will remain unchanged. In short, your licence disqualifications will remain in force and after reflecting on the instructions provided by this office, the licence disqualification is more than just a mere inconvenience to you.

If you can generate funds in respect of this matter, we ask that you immediately contact Johnston Withers (Ph: 8231 1110) in relation to the class action, and they have requested that funds be immediately placed into trust. A representative from Johnston Withers has advised that given the limited numbers of people prepared to fund the matter, it is likely that they are going to have to ask for a higher contribution. In short, the fewer the number of contributors, the higher the contribution will need to be. Conversely, the more contributors, the smaller the contribution.

For those who are only affected by a three-month disqualification, it may be the case that your disqualification period has already expired. However, there are others suffering 6, 12 and even longer disqualification periods; you are no doubt feeling the full force of how the disqualification is affecting your everyday life.

We look forward to your response. We at Woods & Co will keep trying to protect your rights. Whether we are successful or not we believe in continually raising and fighting issues that appear to be unfair.


Michael Woods

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