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Demerit Points - don't share
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I have said on many occasions that in this day and age it is very easy to collect a few points on your driver’s licence. Our politicians in South Australia are short of funds and will keep up the revenue raising under the guise of road safety. Yes, I know the comments from some people that say if you don't do anything wrong you don't pay. They are often the same ones who are doing 35km in front of everyone as the traffic in this state comes to a standstill.

At Woods & Co, we get calls from many families concerned that one of their children has committed a relatively minor traffic offence and will not be able to get to their job or carry it out. There is an easy temptation to assign the demerit points from that speed or traffic camera to another family member and hence share the pain. If caught it is a serious criminal offence. You may not think about the consequences but gaol is real.

Before making a decision call us. 'P' Plate licence holders can claim hardship provided they meet the lawful test. Full licence holders may be able to enter a good behaviour bond.

Importantly, any person may upon conviction apply to the court to have the demerit points reduced on the basis the offence is trifling or other proper cause.

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