At Woods & Co Lawyers we take the view that solicitors should focus their expertise in one area of law. For that reason we specialise in Criminal and Traffic Law only. Our solicitors appear daily in all courts in South Australia. We have successfully represented people charged with Murder, Rape, Robbery, Fraud, Drugs and Sex offences.

We have years of experience working on a range of criminal law cases, including:

Procedure and Your Rights

Drug Offences

Sexual Offences

Murder, Assault and Robbery

Intervention Order

Dishonesty Offences

Traffic Law is rarely an area of law that is truly specialised by solicitors. We at Woods & Co Lawyers have built a reputation among our peers as leaders in the area of all Traffic Offences. From points demerits to causing death we can assist you.  Traffic matters can affect anyone at any time.  It is important to get the right advice.

Drink Driving

General Traffic

Speeding Offences

Driver's Licence Appeals

Driving While Disqualified

Cause Death by Dangerous Driving

Heavy Vehicle Offences

To find out more about our criminal and traffic law services, or to arrange a consultation with a member of our experienced team,  call Woods & Co today on  08 8311 3111.

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